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Community Art Project 2015

Giselle Rivas



Emily Spizzirri & April Tarantino

A Poster Named Desire

Charcoal and Watercolor

Ajit Oberoi

Life Between Happiness and Sorrow

Acrylic and Oil

Amy Vail (Art Teacher Amy)

Tribute to Demuth-Figure 5 in Gold


I have been teaching children, teens and adults since 2002. My career began as a math teacher at Sylvan Learning Center. Soon after, I became an art instructor and manager for 6 years at Thrive Drawing School in Seattle. My background includes many forms of the arts. Over the last 20 years I have been studying, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, animation and teaching Art History in schools in New York, Seattle and Portland. I trained with the Seattle and Frye Art Museums in a program which helps children observe and understand artworks.


While living in Seattle, I began my own Art Enrichment program at five elementary schools to bring fine art back into the schools since art had been completely cut from K-6th grades for a number of years. This was a very successful program I managed for 5 years. When I moved back to Long Island in 2010, I passed on my program to another artist and teacher. She continues to successfully offer art enrichment in schools in Seattle. Since 2010, I have been offering drawing and painting classes after school in Amityville, West Islip and Bay Shore. I also work with various libraries on Long Island teaching children how to draw and paint. I am having a great time sharing my art program with children here in New York!

In my class, the students learn to draw through a highly successful, guided, step-by-step method. Each child learns how to draw realistically. I also teach shading, color theory, perspective, art history and the elements of art. Just like music and math, drawing is a teachable subject. Using variety of age appropriate curriculum, each week the students learn to draw various subject matter including portraits, landscapes, still life, animals and works by famous artists. The children will experiment with different mediums such as chalk pastels, oil pastels, watercolor paints and markers, colored pencils, clay and occasionally acrylic paints. When I work on my own, I prefer painting with watercolors or acrylic on canvas.



Ann Hofbauer

Information Overload


Barbara Spizzirri

Oyster Ponds Boat House


Charlie Gessner

Rita's Old House


Chris O'Leary

Behennah Pierre


Christen Hayes


Acrylic on Canvas

Christina Crescimanno



Christine Brooks

Turnout Gear


Dawn Schober

Chakra of the Universe


The Chakras of the Universe painting came to be created by just listening. Hearing what was meant to be put on that piece of canvas and shared with the community. Yes, it is acrylic paint, a man made substance but also crushed gem stones that are associated with the Chakras are incorporated in the art as well.  The Art resonates with a subtle energy, just as all things in the universe.


Dawn Schober is a native of Long Island, New York. She has lived and worked here most of her life. Ms. Schober has been working predominately in the medium of painting and also works with mixed media, stained glass and photography. She is fascinated by color, texture and how that creates new bold ideas and images.  She challenges herself to communicate her thoughts and feelings about our constantly evolving universe

Gotharts-William Levenberg



Jermaine W. Griffin

Blue Moon

Airbrush and Oil

John McQuillan

Coming and Going

Acrylic on Canvas

I am most productive when I keep it simple and don't strive for perfection but do the best that I can at the time. What a joy I find in painting.

Kimberly Gerdjikian

Velvet Shoes in the Rain


Kimani Phillips

The Image of Our Pontiff


This creative painting is made to be implicative. My associations are that this ‘person’ wants what’s inside that safe. Knowing what’s inside may or may not be known to ‘him’. The subject is that ‘he’s’ insane for trying to crack a safe with just his hands. The ‘person’ is a representation of each of our respective pontiffs. Pontiff- high priest, and at the end of the day when our mothers or authority figures have to decide for themselves where is the truth, they might go searching in places either impossible to find anything or where they’re access isn’t permitted. This is the ‘Image of Our Pontiff’.

Laura Marie Manan

Mother Nature

Acrylic and Oil

I am an artist. My brain is filled with ideas, images, poems, thoughts. But my art speaks louder than my mouth. This is the first painting since 7th grade that I've done. Stay tuned for more art by me. This is the firs of many to come. #aquazap

Laura Strick Kronenberg


Acrylic on Canvas

Lauren Gerdjikian

Home Sky


Michael Campfield

New Day 2


R. T. Morgan



Rondy Bryant

King Tut


Sarle' Jefferies


Dirt, Acrylic, and Spray Paint

She is Rooted through the Earth so her Soul runs Deep. The intuition that leads to balance in herself is what she seeks.

Sofia Scarpa

Colors of the World

Acrylic on canvas

Hi, I'm Sofia and I am 11 years old. I have a love for art and I am happy to present my latest painting called "The Colors of the World." I chose to do this picture because I also love the world we live in and wanted to represent different parts of it. The art around us is amazing and unique with all the different colors for the arms and hands. When I first started to draw, I would pick up a crayon and scribble. To others it was just a scribble, but to me it was a heart, or an animal, or anything that I imagined. One of my favorite painters is Pablo Picasso. Pablo Picasso was a very unique artist. Whn I first learned about him I read more about his life. One of my favorite quotes from him is, "If you can imagine it, it is real." As I started to grow up, I realized that I enjoy the community in Amityville. I love to help others and participate in anything. We all can change the world whether it is just helping our friends to study, fundraising for different causes or participating in events such as this at the library. It is fun doing things at the library and I have been coming here since I was a baby. Everyone here is very enthusiastic about reading and art, which are my favorite things and I hope my journey includes them all the time. These are the colors of the world. Enjoy!  :-)

Shabnam Faruqui



Shabnam Faruqui has illustrated and has published children's books. Paintin is her hobby and she is inspired by nature. She admires the simplicity yet boldness of folk art which is prominent in her paintings.

Tyronn Kelley

Broadway Line

Spray Paint

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