Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Library card?

You can bring 2 forms of I.D. with your name and Amityville School Disctrict residence address to the Circulation Desk.

What if I lose my library card?

If you lose your Amityville Library Card, notify the Library in person that your card is lost so we can mark your card lost. To replace your card you must show a valid I.D. with your Amityville School District address. The cost of replacement is $2.

How do I access my Library Account online?

You can look at what you have checked out, renew materials, request items, and pay your fines with a credit or debit card by clicking on "Access Library Account" under the search bar on the right side of the Amityville Public Library webpage. 1.Enter your library barcode or username.

2. Enter your password. If you have not established a password yet, you will need to do so now. In order to make a password, you will need an e-mail address in your library account. If you don't have an e-mail, please ask at the Circulation Desk about how to make a password. If you do have an e-mail in your library account, then you will follow these steps:

  • Click on 'Create a Password'.
  • Type in your library card barcode in the blank box then click 'Submit'.
  • Go into your e-mail to retrieve the message sent to you by Click the link in the e-mail to make a password.
  • Enter your barcode once and new password twice then click 'Submit'.

Please contact the Library at 631-264-0567 if you require further assistance.

Can I renew library material from home?

Library cardholders may renew their own materials online. Please note that each library in Suffolk County has individual rules for the circulation and renewal of their items. Not all items will be renewable for the same time period, or will be eligible for the same number of renewals. Items that are already overdue or on hold for another member of a Suffolk County library will not be renewable. If you experience difficulty renewing items or need assistance, please contact the Library at 631-264-0567. How to Renew Items: 1. Enter your library card barcode or username, then enter your password to log in to your library account. 2. Select the materials you want to renew by checking the boxes in the RENEW column and then click the Renew Marked button. If you want to renew everything, click the Renew ALL button. 3. If you cannot renew items, a message will appear on the screen. If you are successful, a new due date will appear in the "STATUS" column. Always check the STATUS column for information to ensure your renewal has been successful. **Note: Some items will automatically renew if there are no holds and it is allowed to have another renewal. Keep an eye on your online library account or call the library to double check before you come to return it.**

What if I damage or lose library materials?

If you damage or lose Library materials you are responsible for the replacement cost of the item and any processing fees that may apply. You may pay by check, cash, or online in your Library Account. If you have any questions please contact the Circulation Department.

How will I be notified when my holds are available?

If you have added an email to your library account, you will receive email notifications when items you placed on hold are available. If you do not have an email, the Library will call you to let you know your items arrived. Please ensure that the Library has your up to date e-mail address or phone number.

Is there a way to freeze my holds if I am going away on vacation?

Yes, you may freeze your holds. 1. Log on to your Library Account by clicking on "Library Account" on the top right-hand corner of this screen. 2.Click on "Requests" link next to the red flag located on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. 3.Check the checkbox that says "Freeze" located next to desired item. 4.Click on "Update Holds" button. 5.Click on "Yes" button. Your frozen hold will be now be grayed out.

Can I access the library catalog anywhere outside of the library?

Yes. You may use the searchbox on the top of the webpage.

Can I pay my fines online?

Library Fines and Fees over $1.00 may be paid online using your Mastercard, Visa, or PayPal.

Here is how to get started:

1.Enter your library card barcode or username, then enter your password to log in to your library account.

2. Select the amount in unpaid fines and bills.

3. Select "PAY ONLINE".

4. Select the fines that you wish to pay, complete all of the relevant information and click submit.

5. A confirmation page will appear next. You can print a copy of your receipt at this time and/or click OK. If you have a valid email address, receipt of payment will be sent to the address you entered in step 4.

How can I get email notifications that my items are due?

To receive email notifications: 1. Click on Library Account on the top right-hand corner of the Amityville Public Library homepage. 2. Enter your library barcode number located on your Library card and your password. 3. Click on the "Change Your Contact Information" link located at the bottom left-hand side of the page.

4. Enter your email address and click "Submit." You will now receive email notifications when your requests (holds) become available and courtesy notices to remind you that your items are due or overdue.

How do I reserve library items online?

To reserve items online:
1. First search for the item you want in the online catalog. 2. Once you find the item, you can then click on the "Request It" button. 3. Enter your name if prompted and Library barcode number. 4. Choose which library you would like pick the item up from the dropdown menu and then click on the "Submit" button.

How can I reserve the Library's Community Room

Permission to use the Library's Community Room may be granted to community groups, organizations and individuals. First read the Community Room Policy to see if you are eligible. If you are eligible please fill out the Community Room Use Application and return it to the Library. The form may be submitted at least one week but no more than three months in advance of intended use. Library Services, programs and activities shall have priority over other activities. **Note: Due to COVID-19, our community rooms are not available to reserve at this time. Call or email us for updates.

Does the Library have WiFi?

Yes, the Library has free WiFi for public use. Please see a staff member if you need assistance.

How can I reserve a public computer?

An adult public computer may be reserved by typing your library card barcode number in at one of the public computers or by asking at the Adult Reference for a courtesy guest pass. Amityville Cardholders are given priority over courtesy guest passes. There are no guest passes issued when there is a long wait period or on Sundays due to limited hours. If you are in sixth grade or younger, ask at the Children's Desk to get onto one of the computers in the Children's Department. **Note: Due to COVID-19, our computers in the children's area are not available at this time. As of June 1st, we will have 6 computers available for use in the adult department for 60 minutes.

Does the library have a scanner or fax machine?

Yes. Our copy machines allow you to scan to USB. Our scan to email is currently down. You can fax documents for $1 per page and is located behind the Circulation Desk.

How much does it cost to print from the public computers?

The first 10 pages are free to print. After that, black and white print jobs cost 10 cents a page and color print jobs cost 25 cents a page.

How do I display my artwork at the Library?

To request to display artwork at the Library call 631-264-0567 and ask for Adrienne.

How do I register for Library programs?

**Note: Due to COVID-19, our program registration process has changed. Please go to the children's, teen's or adult virtual program page for more information on how to register for upcoming programs.** To register for a program at the Amityville Public Library:

1. Search for the program you would like to register for in the Library Catalog.

2. If the program is currently open for registration, click the "Register" link. Please read all registration information carefully, including meeting times, age requirements, fees, and prerequisites.

3. Select "Register".

4. Enter your library card barcode or username, then enter your password to log in.

5. Confirm your email address is correct, choose the number of seats you're registering for, and input any required information in the Note to Instructor field.

6. Click OK to subit the registration. A confirmation screen will display. You may print this screen for your record. A copy will also be emailed to you.

Programs that require payment require in-person registration. Please call the Library at 631-264-0567 for further assistance.

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