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Black Film Space

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Amityville Public Library x Black Film Space


Join the Amityville Public Library and Black Film Space for a three part introduction in filmmaking class.


Each class will give students the opportunity to learn the basics of acting, writing and directing in a 2 hour interactive setting.


Students will learn what acting is, participate in improving games, write screenwriting prompts, and partake in directing scenes.


Workshop dates:


Acting - June 1st, 6 to 8pm

Screenwriting - July 6th, 6 to 8pm

Directing - August 3rd, 6 to 8pm


Classes will also be streamed online.


Taught by Steven St. Pierre, actor and filmmaker. Featured in the feature film The Pill and the CBS show FBI: Most Wanted.



  • Intro to Acting - In this class, attendees will learn the basics of what acting is, participate in fun exercises and soak up various terminology to promote commitment, listening and imagination in their acting work. Exercises and lectures will be implemented to strengthen the foundations necessary to breathe life into characters.


  • Intro to Screenwriting - Students will learn the differences between TV, Film and Theatre writing format, dialogue vs monologue, developing characters and using real situations along with their imagination. At the end of this intro class students will have written a one page dialogue conversation and have tools to continue your writing journey.

  • Intro to Directing - Participants will learn what directing encompasses and be introduced to the various aspects of the craft to start planting seeds of their style. Steven will touch on all the departments the Director has influence on and learn some terminology. This class will briefly discuss film directing and working with actors.

















Join us by clicking the RSVP button above or calling us at 631-264-0567 to let us know you are interested!

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