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Writing Tutorials
How To Write an Essay
How to Write a Resume
How to Write a Letter
Online Writing Help
24-Hour Writing Lab &
Live Tutors
Get help from live tutors. Create a Brainfuse account and submit essays and other forms of writing for constructive feedback within one business day. 
BibMe Bibliography Maker
BibMe autofills citiations for you. Download your MLA, APA, Chicago, or Turabian bibliography.
Create Legal Documents
Register with LawDepot with your Library barcode number to create free legal forms including estate, family, business, financial and more.
HowCast Online Writing Tutorials
Short tutorials on how to write about anything you can think of like essays, resumes/cover letters, poems, letters, speeches, grants, and more.
Resume & Cover Letter Assistance
Professional assistance in resume/cover letter writing with Brainfuse Adult Learning Center.
Writing & Grammar Skills Improvement
Register for LearningExpress with your Amityville Public Library barcode number and take online "Fundamentals of Writing Courses," to practice your writing and grammar skills. 
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