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Community Art Project

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Barbara Spizzirri

Pilings in Greenport

Acrylic on Canvas

Charlie Gessner

Sedona Skye


I have been fascinated by art my whole life.  For the past 14 years, I have been studying at the Art Students League of New York among some of the most talented students anywhere.  I work in oil, acrylic, and charcoal and my work ranges from portraits and landscapes to large abstract works.  In this age of millions of instant photos taken each second, I still believe that truth is best revealed through images created over time by artists willing to put down their cell phones and look at the luminous sky.

Chris O'Leary



Chris O’Leary attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in 1992 as a fine arts major. He was taught the fundamentals of painting and sculpting which were mediums he was not familiar with. He had grown up with a love of pencil drawings and always had been attracted to images of what he believed to be female strength. In 1995, while working as a display artist for Tower Records he developed his style when a coworker and fellow artist, simply suggested…”Why don’t you paint those women you draw?” This total revelation unleashed his passion. Since then O’Leary has shown work around various venues of NYC and Long Island. Chris also had a national tee-shirt line featuring his female portraits in the retail chain, Hot Topic. Currently,  Chris O'Leary has been working on building a new collection of artwork on canvas and on his real life subjects working as a hairdresser and makeup artist.

Christen Hayes

Like a Caterpillar

Collage (acrylic, photographs, pages from a damaged book)

 "Like a Caterpillar" serves as a reflection of living between two worlds, my imagination and reality. It features a quote from the book, "The Time Traveler's Wife".


When I'm working with paint and/or collage, my artwork is often very intuitive. As I go along, I usually let the artwork dictate its story to me.I am inspired by everything. I have an enormous collection of random photographs, quotes, ideas, images, feelings, thoughts, my own writings I've managed to collect over time. When I'm working in this medium, it is always my intention, not to approach a blank canvas with a preconceived idea of what the end result will look like, and be open to any inspiration that may arise. My aim is to focus less on control and direction of the medium, and more on the process and serendipity of inspiration. I like to think that a medium such as collage, should be an exploration of application, process and embracing uncertainties and the unknown.

Christopher Novelli

Rail Grab

Oil Paint on Canvas

C.L. Reinhard

Soul to Sol


C.L. Reinhard is an artist and decorator who has worked primarily in fiber, especially free form embroidery, as well as a colorist and painter of miniature figurines. In the medium of acrylic she is a a novice- infact, this work is her first full-size piece. She enjoyed engaging in the process, an plans to continue to explore and experiment in this area.

Dawn Schober


Oil on Canvas

I have been painting for almost three years, a journey of learning and joy. Helping to bring the beauty of creativity to others and sharing my art in a variety of venues has been so much fun. I work mainly in oils, because the colors blend together so wonderfully. I use the primary colors and white because they make other colors. The blended colors remind me of the way our lives blend. I like circles and and the circle is a continuous loop of the pattern of life itself. Blending colors with the circle is one of the ways that I like to share my art. In sharing, a conversation may start and in turn inspire others to be creative and the circle of creativity will continue.


Desiree K. Armstrong

Courageous Mind of a King

Unlocked Mind of this king with value in regards of his family, recognizing autism on a blazing fire in nature to exhale for common phenomena of his queen being the owner of his own tears and remain courageous as he carry the burdens of civilization. A man cries in the dark.

Artist Bio:

Desiree K Armstrong resident of Amityville, loves to draw, recite poetry, fish, and dance. Mother of three adult children and grandmother of 7. Art is her first love.


Dia Seiferheld

Words of Wisdom

3D Paper Art (pastel paper with text from the book "Hamlet")

"Words of Wisdom" is a piece featuring text from the famous William Shakespeare play "The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark". This art piece also highlights some of the well know or common famous quotes by William Shakespeare.

Dia Seiferheld is a local artist; originally from the Five Towns and now residing in Massapequa for the past 11 years. She has a degree in Graphic Design from Pratt and works with many types of mediums. Dia has been expressing herself through art since she was a young child. Now she is focusing on broadening her creativity with projects like 3D Paper Art, Paper Quilling and repurposed or recycled material art. In the past, she has done murals, illustrations, photo art, nail art, designed packaging for retail products, made chocolate sculptures and decorated cakes!

I love to be creative. It's like a challenge for me, to try to create something new everyday!

Giselle Rivas


Oil Paint

John McQuillan

SS United States 1953 Funnels and Friend


Nobody's perfect. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." If something is worth doing, it's work doing half-baked. Get paint on the surface and move it around you will surprise yourself. I thank God for my eyesight and dexterity of my fingers. Life is worth living even if just to paint!

Justin Nikles


Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas

Michael Campfield

Study for a New Day


Nancy Gessner

Blurry Side of Midnight


Nancy Gessner was born in Santa Cruz, California and grew up in the Ozarks. By the time she was cast in her first play on her twenty-first birthday, she was living in Arizona, where she directed and acted in local productions for more than a decade. Since moving to New York in 1999, she has produced, directed and starred in a one-woman play, and appeared onstage as a singer.  In recent years, she has added new rhythms to her artistic voice by drawing and painting,​

and by writing short stories and one-act plays​.

She has found inspiration in the Heather Gardens at the Cloisters, on Neptune Beach, and dancing in the dining room with her husband Charlie.  They live on Long Island.

Rory Teguan Morgan


Acrylic, soil, and black ink on canvas

Rory Tequan Morgan was born and raised in New York. From his vivid sense of community from childhood ongoing to the present, he has always been able to draw upon his environment and family to inspire him. His ability to transform his conceptions and generate what he envisions on his medium of choice into physical creations, embodies what an artist is. He has studied at the American Academy of Art in Chicago and at Briarcliffe College in Long Island, New York and with a combination of perseverance towards a dream, personal influences, talent, and skill, each piece defines moments in his life he shares with you through his works of art. In October of 2013, Rory had his first solo show at Roosevelt Hospital in New York City but since 2007, RT Morgan’s art has been repeatedly displayed at New Orleans’ Jazz Festival, The Jacob Javitz’ Center Art Expo, Art Basel, Newport’s Jazz Festival, and with the Harlem’s Fine Art Show. Continue to keep up with where RT Morgan’s art will be next by joining his mailing list at



Sandy Green


Sarle Jeffries

The Declaration of Transformation

Sofia Scarpa, Age 10

Different Yet Equal

Oil Pastel

The name of my picture is Different Yet Equal. From the first time I could pick up a crayon I would draw squiggly smiley faces and lopsided hearts. As a kid drawing was just a fun activity for me. I never actually realized that drawing was an everyday habit. Now drawing is something that helps me express myself. In my life I am always noticing how every day is different, and yet it's the same things that are happening. We get something new, we throw something out.  It's all cause and effect, or compare and contrast. It's one of the things that I honestly don't understand completely but I get the idea. As a kid I've always liked the yin and yang because it just looks cool. Now I understand what it means. I like to think of it as representing the different things you will find in life, but when it all comes together, it's one big picture. I drew this because I like how it brings me a message that tell me to be myself, so that when I meet someone I can be a part of that different picture that they find.  That is why I drew this picture.

William Levenberg A.K.A. "Gotharts"



Some may say that William Levenberg, a.k.a Gotharts Billy Levenberg, has a very different way of viewing the chaotic world around him. He infuses philosophy and bleak imagery in various mediums/medias, such as paintings, photography, graphic arts/design, poetry, and music. Deeply influenced by his education at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan, Gotharts majored in Forensic Psychology and minored in Gender Studies and Art. Gotharts questions traditional gender roles, objectification of women, bias towards immigrants and minorities, elitism, and exclusiveness which is reflected in his art. He is a feminist, an ally to the LGTBQ community, and abhors injustice towards anyone anywhere. Both his life and art revolve around transgenderism, trans-phobia and gender neutrality, as well as the current state of the human condition. Henry David Thoreau, Andy Warhol, Nan goldin, Cindy Sherman, And Dali have all greatly inspired the eccentric, yet creative, Gotharts propelling him to become one of Long Island's fresh and emerging artists.

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