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Community Art Project 2016

Rondy "Voo" Bryant

Twilight Wise Owl

Oil paints & pastels

Michael Campfield
Acrylic on canvas


James E. Dunn

Rev 12:9-23-2017

Sharpies and highlighters



I am the first born child of the Black Deaf community: an American CODA (Child of Deaf Adults). This masterpiece is proof that a Black A.S.L. Unicode file can be rendered by a 6,000 year astrology equation, as depicted by this Art-Science illustration of Rev. 12 and 21 via metaphysics thesis for a new computer science P.H.D.

Charlie Gessner


Acrylic on Canvas

Nancy Gessner


Acrylic on Canvas

Jermaine W. Griffin

King and Queen of Hearts




Hi, I am Jermaine W. Griffin. I love to paint and teach art. Painting and drawing stuff is very fun and important to me. I love art, people and doing constructive projects.

Leslie M. Oyibo (LMOYI)

Last Glacier of Glacier National Park


Giselle Rivas

Stone Path in El Salvador

Oil paint

Dawn Schober


Oil on Acrylic

Barbara Spizzirri

Full Sun

Acrylic on Canvas

Christina Crescimanno

Opt Outside

Magazine cut-outs on canvas


"Nourish the Earth, and let the Earth nourish you"

Sarlé Jeffries


Acrylic on Canvas

Rory Morgan


Acrylic on Canvas

Kayla Spurrell


Acrylic on Canvas

The students from Amityville Memorial High School painted this wonderful mural for our Community Art Show! Come to the Library to see it hanging with our other beautiful artwork!

The students from St. Martins School painted this amazing mural for our Community Art Show! You can see it hanging at the Library until May!

The students at Key to my Art, located across the parking lot from the Library, painted this beautiful mural for our Community Art Show! Come to the Library to see this mural as well as all of our creative artwork!

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