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Community Art Project 2017

Christine Brooks

Red Building

Acrylic on canvas

Michael Campfield
Acrylic on canvas


James E. Dunn

One Full Deck

Sharpies and highlighters



James Dunn is an inspiring inventor/entrepreneur in the order of the wireless energy pioneer Nikola Tesla, who has been using the library to flesh-out what he hopes to be a ground-breaking patent that incorporates the software mathematics of this year’s art-submission, One Full Deck, as proof of a new market enterprise in the art-science of mobile gaming. This is a follow-up to his last year’s submission, entitled Vitruvian Goddess, after Leonardo Da Vinci’s, Vitruvian Man.

Charles Gessner


Acrylic on Canvas

The students from Key To My Art painted this wonderful mural for our Community Art Show! Come to the Library to see it hanging with our other beautiful artwork!

Leslie M. Oyibo (LMOYI)

Red Bridge In Forest


Giselle Rivas

Fish In the Sea

Oil paint

Karen Scott

South Bay Estuary


Barbara Spizzirri

Good Fences

Acrylic on Canvas

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