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Tel. 631-264-0567


Museum Passes

art on the wall at museum

Pick up/Drop off Passes

Reserve a pass for the date you will pick it up at the library.

Museum passes can only  be checked out and reserved  by an Adult Amityville Public Library patron whose card is  in good standing.  Please make sure your Library card is up to date and free of fines so that you can check out the pass that you have reserved. There is a limit of 1 pass per family. The person who reserves the pass must be the one to come into the library and check it out. When you check out the museum pass it is due back on the third day by the time the library closes. (ex. if you check it out on a Monday the pass would be due back on a Wednesday by 9pm)


Print on Demand Passes

Reserve a pass for the day you want to go to the museumWhen you reserve the pass, you can either print it out after you reserve it or include your e-mail address and it will send the confirmation to your e-mail. If you need your e-mail address attached to your library card, please give the library a call at 631-264-0567. Pass only valid for the date listed on the confirmation page. There is a limit of 1 pass per family. 

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