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The Amityville Public Library serves all residents of the Amityville Union Free School District, encompassing East Massapequa, North Amityville and the Village of Amityville. The Amityville Public Library is a place for its community members to share, to learn and to create. The Library and its staff serve as facilitators for the community and patrons in those endeavors.


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The Library will:

  • share popular materials;

  • digital access and resources;

  • space and a safe environment;

  • build bridges into the community (outreach and social media).

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The Library actively promotes:

  • reading and literacy for all ages and abilities;

  • promotes digital literacy for all ages and abilities;

  • provides materials and resources in various formats for independent study;

  • builds on the community's and individual's motivation to access information.

About Us

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The Library provides:

  • materials and resources that encourage discovery, inspiration and entertainment;

  • provides programs and cultural outlets;

  • enables community members to find opportunities to be a part of the creative process.

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Library's Role as a Facilitator

The Amityville Public Library embraces its role as Facilitator by:

  • providing access to space and resources;

  • providing knowledgeable staff;

  • providing training and learning opportunities;

  • providing a safe environment;

  • bring resources into the community through a Virtual Library (homepage), mobile outlets (ex. Book Bike, Little Free Libraries) and collaboration with community groups;

  • serving the community which includes all residents of the Amityville Union Free School District (East Massapequa, North Amityville, Village of Amityville;

  • evolving with the changing needs of the community.

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