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first Amityville Public Library building

History of the Amityville Public Library

The first meeting of the Amityville Literary Society was held on March 9, 1904, one of whose purposes was to build a library for the residents of Amityville. Mary P. Myton became the president of this Society in 1907 and it is through her persistence that we have the establishment of the Amityville Public Library.

An association was formed on May 7, 1907 to further the cause of the Library and on October 17, 1907 the Library received its Charter from New York State as the Amityville Free Library. It had become impractical to continue to use the home of Mrs. Warren Purdy to house the accumulating library books and the collection of 67 books was moved to the Parish Hall of St. Mary’s Church. Within a short time, the numbers of books acquired had exceeded the available space.

The Board of Directors of the Library conducted a house-to-house drive in order to raise money through donations for the accession of a building large enough to house the growing collection of materials. A small building, located on the west side of Broadway at Ireland Place, was then purchased. Miss Helen Badger served as the first librarian. By 1926, the small wooden structure was no longer large enough to serve the growing collection. Again a house-to-house solicitation was undertaken and produced the funds which enabled the Library to make a down payment on a modest brick building.

Forty years later, in 1957, the Free Public Library of Amityville became a Public Library serving the school district. On March 20, 1970 the Library received its Absolute Charter as a Public Library. Once again the Library had outgrown its environment and in 1972 our present structure was opened.

From its inception as a lending library operating from a local resident’s home to a modern building cited for outstanding design, our Library has historically had as its mission, responsiveness to the needs of its community. Today, when you enter the Library, you will find computers, DVDs, CDs, and printed materials of all description. We also provide educational and entertainment programs of all kinds and for all ages. Yet, at its heart, the strength of the Amityville Public Library was and always will be its patrons.


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